Career Services at Aquinas College

Job Search

The goal of career services is to assist students with the process of defining and pursuing life, academic, and career goals that complement individual interests, skills, and values.  A convenient tool provided by the career services office for exploring internship and job opportunities is Handshake. 


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The ultimate recruiting platform for students! It is the place where candidates, career centers, and recruiters come to meet, talk. and share opportunities. 

Getting started:

To set up an account, you'll just need your .edu email address. If you've taken CD100, you already have an account.

All job postings can be found on Handshake now. Please use your best judgment when applying, interviewing, or accepting positions.  Questions? You can also schedule an appointment through

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Graduate School

Graduate school can provide an opportunity to specialize in an academic discipline of interest. It also provides the education needed for many professions. The same skills and preparation that makes a good job candidate also make a good graduate school candidate.  Contact a career coach for more information.  We are here to help!

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