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Financial Aid at Aquinas College

Diocese Tuition Reduction

Aquinas College continues to partner with the Diocese to offer those associated with the Diocese extraordinary reductions off normal tuition rates.  

There are three ways adults generally 23 and over who are associated with the Diocese can access a 50% tuition reduction. 

The Donnelly Scholarship

For Diocesan employees and those working within the parishes and schools.  

  • It provides a 50% tuition scholarship for any number of classes at the undergraduate or graduate level.
  • To earn a degree or take any number of classes for personal or professional development.
  • Once received, it can be used for up to seven years or until graduation, whichever occurs sooner.
  • In the last number of years, over 40 employees received over $101,000.00 in tuition assistance through this scholarship program.
  • Applications for those working in the schools are available in the Superintendent’s Office.  Those who work in parishes and Diocesan employees should contact Sr. Barbara Cline.

The Certificate in Theological Studies

  • The six courses in the Certificate in Theological Studies are offered at a 50% reduced-rate for all who participate.
  • The Certificate was designed over 15 years ago at the request of the Diocese and is for lay people engaged in ministry and those who want to further their theological education and deepen their understanding of the Faith.
  • (Sister Barbara, should something be in here about it being able to be used to meet some of the master catechist requirements?  If so, please consider adding that language.)
  • Information is available at

Diocesan Parish Volunteer Program

  • Parish volunteers may apply to receive a 50% tuition scholarship to take Theology courses.
  • This program encourages parish volunteers to continue to grow in their faith and share their education with fellow parishioners.
  • Information is available by calling 616-632-2871.

Further information about Aquinas’ programs is available at and at