Financial Aid at Aquinas College

Norbert J. Hruby Scholarship for Community Service/Volunteerism

(Application is for Continuing Education and Graduate Students only.)

Hruby Scholarships are available to students enrolling for the first time in their current program or to students who have had at least a 2-year break since last attending Aquinas. Alumni changing program type from undergraduate to graduate and graduate education alumni returning for additional endorsements are also eligible to apply. A selection committee awards the scholarships based on community service/volunteerism. If received, the scholarship is available for seven consecutive years or until graduation, whichever occurs sooner; and it provides a 50% tuition scholarship. Up to 10 scholarships are awarded each year.

Please read the information below thoroughly prior to applying to ensure you understand the scholarship and the eligibility requirements fully.

Applications for students beginning the Fall 2023 term must be received by 4 p.m. on Monday, June 12, 2023. This is a firm due date and time. Further instructions are on the application form. Applicants will be notified of the results by Monday, July 3, 2023. If you are selected to receive the scholarship, it will begin with the Fall 2023 semester and not be retroactive.

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  1. The scholarship will fund up to 50% of tuition for seven consecutive years or until graduation, whichever occurs sooner. The eligibility period of seven years/graduation will begin the term immediately following notification of a successful application.
  2. Programs eligible for the Hruby Scholarship: (Traditional undergraduate (e.g. student type “R”), Detroit Mercy Nursing, and non-credit bearing courses, certificates or similar programs are ineligible.)
    • Continuing Education (CE - Adult Undergraduate)
    • Master of Management (MM)
    • Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MAC)
    • Master in the Art of Teaching (MAT)
    • Master in Education (Traditional M.Ed.)
    • Master in Education (Accelerated AME)
  3. Criteria:
    1. Individuals who will be new students at Aquinas College, those who have experienced a two-year break since last attending Aquinas, alumni changing program type from undergraduate to graduate and graduate education alumni returning for additional endorsements are eligible to apply for this partial tuition scholarship.
    2. Current Aquinas students are not eligible.
    3. Employees, spouses of employees and dependents of employees who receive some amount of tuition remission are ineligible.
    4. Aquinas College will determine admission eligibility based upon the program requirements in which the student is enrolling.
    5. The scholarship recipient must enroll in classes within one calendar year of notification that his/her application was successful.
  4. Important Financial Aid Details:
    1. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office at 616-632-2893 to determine eligibility for state or federal aid.
    2. The scholarship will be applied to the remaining tuition balance after state and/or federal grants have been applied.
    3. The scholarship amount will be determined by grant aid and employer reimbursement so that all funding sources do not exceed actual tuition charges.
    4. The scholarship applies to tuition itself and not to any other kind of fees.
    5. The scholarship does not apply to courses that already have a reduced tuition rate, such as those receiving the Diocesan remission.
    6. The Hruby Scholarship can be combined with privately-funded scholarships; however, it may not be used in conjunction with others, such as the Donnelly Scholarship or athletic aid. It may not be combined with discounts, such as the Ada Business Association discount.
  5. Terms of Renewal:
    1. The scholarship is renewable for seven consecutive years or until graduation, whichever occurs sooner.
    2. The recipient must remain in good academic standing in the program in which he/she is enrolled based on established policy.
  6. Responsibilities of Hruby Scholarship Recipients:
    1. The scholarship recipient must notify the Financial Aid Office at each time he/she registers for classes, according to the directions in the initial congratulatory email. It is only upon notification that scholarship funds will be applied to the student’s account.
    2. The recipient must contact the Financial Aid Office by email with any changes in his/her enrollment status, such as dropping or adding classes, so the proper adjustments can be made to his/her account.
    3. Report change in employer or tuition reimbursement benefits to the Financial Aid Office.
  7. Contact Persons:

Scholarships are awarded to individuals demonstrating a history of leadership through community service/volunteerism. A limited number of scholarships are available each year and are granted by a selection committee.