Marketing and Communication at Aquinas College

Graphic Services

Graphic Services provides print and digital assets to the campus community such as graphics, posters, flyers, banners, brochures, signs and promotional items (e.g., mugs, T-shirts and pens). Graphic Services is also the College's point of contact for external print vendors for high-end projects. Because of the high demand for design and production through Graphic Services, projects must meet the following criteria.

Project Requests

Please submit projects to Graphic Services using the Graphics Request Form on Acorn. If you need assistance in filling out the form, please contact Graphic Services. All copy must be provided in an editable format. Microsoft Publisher files cannot be used. Graphic Services will not write or retype copy. Complex projects may require additional discussion.

All print-only projects must be submitted in PDF form. Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint and Word documents are not suitable for printing. Use of Aquinas College logos must be approved Marketing and Communication by emailing prior to submitting a job ticket.


Please refer to the following guides for scheduling projects. Due to our production schedule, time may vary.

  • Print Only (in-house) - If your project is simply a print out and does not require set-up, layout or design, please allow at least 24 business hours notice.
  • Design and Print (in-house) - Please allow at least 7-10 business days for design and printing in-house. For other projects and more specific timeframes, please contact Graphic Services to discuss your project.
  • Design and Print (out-of-house) - The timeframe for print using an external print vendor varies based on the scope of the project. Please contact Graphic Services for time and cost. A general guide is 10 business days for design plus the timeframe needed for external production.

Logo Usage

Use of the Aquinas College logos must be requested and approved through Marketing and Communication by emailing All approved usage must adhere to the logo usage guidelines found on the Marketing and Communication page in the Quick Reference Guide.


All finishing work listed below can be done in-house:

  • scoring and folding
  • saddle stitch binding
  • comb binding
  • lamination
  • dry mounting


There is no cost for design work related to College business. Printing and finishing costs are as follows and must be accompanied by a budget number:

Department 8.5”x11” black ink printing: 0.02¢ per side
Department 8.5”x11” color printing: 0.07¢ per side
Department 8.5”x14” color printing: 0.10¢ per side
Department 11”x17” black ink printing: 0.04¢ per side
Department 11”x17” color printing: 0.14¢ per side
Personal 8.5”x11” black ink printing: 0.10¢ per side
Personal 8.5”x11” color printing: 0.25¢ per side
Personal 11”x17” black ink printing: 0.20¢ per side
Personal 11”x17” color printing: 0.50¢ per side
Large format printing: $6.00 per foot

Proofing, Redesign and Errors

The graphic design process should be a collaboration between the department requesting production, and the designer. Design expectations and suggestions should be clearly communicated at the time of submission. As the process evolves, decisions regarding the effectiveness of the layout are best left to the discretion of the designer.

A proof copy of the initial design will be provided to the department requesting production. It is the responsibility of these individuals to proofread for typographical and spelling errors as well as the accuracy of information. Requests for redesign cannot be accommodated one day prior to completion date.


If you have any questions, please contact the creative director, Philip Mitri at