Sociology at Aquinas College

Criminal Justice

For students who are interested in criminology, criminal justice, or law enforcement.

In addition to the required courses for the Sociology Major, students interested in this concentration are required to take 13 semester hours as follows:

  • SY162 (3)
  • SY213 (3)
  • SY261 (3) or SY263 (3)
  • SY312 (4)


  • SY162 Drugs and Society (3)

    This course is a critical analysis of the complex and interconnected ways in which drugs and society influence each other. The course also examines contemporary trends in drug usage, policy, treatment, and enforcement.

  • SY213 Race and Ethnicity (3) GP

    This course examines the underlying social and cultural dynamics of selected multicultural groups in the U.S. and around the world, emphasizing intersectionality, dimensions of unequal power, and racism.

  • SY261 Criminology (3)

    This course offers a critical analysis of crime with reference to behavior of those who engage in, or become victims of criminal behavior. Prerequisite: SY101.

  • SY263 Juvenile Delinquency (3)

    This course introduces students to the study of the development, prevention, control, and treatment of juvenile delinquency. Prerequisite: SY101.

  • SY312 Social Stratification (4)

    This course explores systems of inequality focusing on the political, economic, and social forces that shape inequality and social stratification. Various sociological concepts and theories of inequality will be examined to help describe and explain social inequality in the United States and elsewhere. As a part of the engaged department initiative, students will complete 40 hours of participant observation and field research in community-based initiatives, organizations, or cultural events outside of the classroom pertaining to social stratification. Prerequisite: SY202 and 291.This course is not accepted for the Social Science General Education requirement.