Sociology at Aquinas College

Health and Human Services

For students who are interested in health and/or human services.

In addition to the required courses for the Sociology Major, students interested in this concentration are required to take 12 semester hours as follows:

  • SY102(3)
  • SY162 (3)
  • SY285 (3) or SY275 (3)
  • SY350 (3)


  • SY102 Introduction to Social Work (3)

    This course offers a sociological introduction to social work, social welfare, case work, group work, and community organization. The course also examines current efforts and future trends within the realm, discipline, and field of social work. As a part of the engaged department initiative this course will have 30 hours of assignments that get students out of the classroom and meeting social workers and the organizations they work with.

  • SY162 Drugs and Society (3)

    This course is a critical analysis of the complex and interconnected ways in which drugs and society influence each other. The course also examines contemporary trends in drug usage, policy, treatment, and enforcement.

  • SY275 Sociology of Sport (3)

    This course, using sociological concepts, theories, and research, examines the relationships between sports, culture, and society. Critical questions are raised around the complex intersections between sport(s) and gender, race/ethnicity, social class, age, ability, etc. The course provides a historical and contemporary account of both popular/mainstream and controversial issues within the institution of sport. While the course focuses on the contemporary phenomenon of sport within an American context, it also considers/contrasts/compares sport from other perspectives and cultures.

  • SY285 Sociology of Food (3)

    A multi-disciplinary approach to the relationships between food and society. Examining food historically, food production, health food, food distribution, nutrition, subcultures, social eating disorders, food and poverty, fast food, and world hunger.

  • SY350 Health, Illness, & Society (3)

    The sociology of health and illness also known as medical sociology is a broad field examining the social production of health, wellness, illness and mortality. Students will examine how the topics of health and illness include a variety of social, political, economic, and cultural forces as well as biological phenomena and medical knowledge. The “Medical Mile” development in Grand Rapids offers students a community site in which to begin exploring these ideas.