Sociology at Aquinas College

Social Work

For students who are interested in social work.

In addition to the required courses for the Sociology Major, students interested in this concentration are required to take 14 semester hours as follows:

  • SY102 (3)
  • SY260 (3)
  • SY205 (4)
  • SY396 (4)


  • SY102 Introduction to Social Work (3)

    This course offers a sociological introduction to social work, social welfare, case work, group work, and community organization. The course also examines current efforts and future trends within the realm, discipline, and field of social work. As a part of the engaged department initiative this course will have 30 hours of assignments that get students out of the classroom and meeting social workers and the organizations they work with.

  • SY260 Social Problems (3)

    This course introduces students to the social constructivist approach to studying social problems. Students will learn to examine the origins of social problems, the process of claimsmaking that define issues as social problems, and how these processes might affect individuals, groups, and policies. In this process students will understand how social problems are constructed in everyday life, develop skills to critically assess claims about social problems, and use course concepts to analyze the social construction of a variety of contemporary social problems.

  • SY205 Trying Social Work (4)

    This course introduces students to the practice and routines of social work. Students will complete at least 60 hours of work in a social work placement in a social-service agency as a part of their coursework outside of regular class time. This course is not accepted for the Social Science General Education requirement. Prerequisite: SY102.

  • SY396/CL396 Sociological Practicum in Community Leadership (4)

    In this field placement course, students spend at least 150 hours, or 10-15 hours per week, in service-work/learning-work situations relevant to careers in public, social service, or non-profit organizations, in addition to regular meetings with the instructor. This practicum provides the practical experience for deepening community engagement and raising important questions about society and social justice. Prerequisites: CL100 or SY101. This course is not accepted for the Social Science General Education requirement.