Sociology at Aquinas College

Sociology Minor


Minor Requirements:

Twenty (20) - Twenty one (21) semester hours

Required Courses:

  • SY101
  • SY/PG202
  • SY291
  • SY/CN/PG151

Nine (9) semester hours of electives with at least one from each of the three (3) department foci:

  • Social Life, Inequalities & Social Change
    • SY103
    • SY/WS207
    • SY208
    • SY211
    • SY213
    • SY261
    • SY/WS305
    • SY311/WS314
    • SY312
    • SY/WS315
    • SY375
  • Social Work, Community Leadership & Human Services
    • SY102
    • SY162
    • SY205
    • SY210
    • SY260
    • SY261
    • SY263
    • SY302
    • SY311/WS314
    • SY/CL396
  • Environment, Health & Society
    • SY162
    • SY201
    • SY/CL209
    • SY260
    • SY264
    • SY285
    • SY312

Eighteen (18) semester hours to be taken at Aquinas College. To be a sociology major, a student must maintain a C or better grade in all major requirements.


  • CN151/PG151/SY151 Statistics for Social Science (3) (SS1/SS2)

    ) Students will study descriptive and inferential statistics and how they are both important in analysis of different types of research involving human participants. Emphasis will be on statistical concepts and how they are applied in the Social Sciences. Using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), a widely-used software in the Social Sciences, students will learn how to select and utilize appropriate statistical tests to analyze datasets. The overall goals are to increase understanding of the importance of statistics in the scientific method, specifically research design and analysis, and to enhance critical thinking skills.

  • SY101 Introduction to Sociology (3) PSC

    Introduction to the fundamental components and general principles of sociological through and research. Content will address cultural production, and the relationships and power dynamic among individuals and social institutions. Primer on the social construction of race, gender, and class. Students will also participate in the first stage of the engaged department initiative. This entails three (3) hours of observation, outside of the classroom, of a community-based initiative, organization or cultural event.

  • PG202/SY202 Research Methods (4) SS1/SS2

    Introduction to research process: analysis of variance, basic nature of research, analysis of major research designs used in lab, field, and natural environments; how to conduct an experiment and write a research report (lecture and lab). Prerequisite: PG100 or SY101, and MS151 or equivalent.This course is not accepted for the Social Science General Education requirement.

  • SY291 History of Sociological Thought (3)

    critical survey of social theorists who shaped early sociology and remain relevant today. Also covers theorists who extended and challenged the sociological perspective, paying attention to critical race, queer and feminist theories that are fundamental to contemporary sociological thought. Emphasizes the development and application of theory in relationship to contemporary issues. Students will also participate in the second stage of the engaged department initiative. This entails ten (10) hours of participation, outside of the classroom, in a community-based initiative, organization, or cultural event. Prerequisite: SY101.