STAR: Student Testing, Advising & Registration at Aquinas College


Will I be asked to take any additional courses in college based upon my ACT or SAT scores?
You may be required to take SD 101 - Achieving Academic Success as a result of your ACT reading score.
How many classes should I take?
Students are required to maintain full-time status in order to receive financial aid or Veterans benefits. Full-time status is 12-18 credit hours per semester and courses are worth 3-5 credit hours each. You will want to consider how much you think you can carry. College is a big enough adjustment; we don't want you to be overwhelmed. Consider what kind of student you were in high school and what kind of subjects you enjoyed.
120 semester hours are required to graduate. If you average 15-16 credit hours per semester, you will be able to earn the minimum hours in 8 semesters. (Students planning to pursue teacher education may take 10-11 semesters to complete all requirements.) Advanced Placement (AP) credits or credits from another college may reduce the average number you need each semester.
What classes should I be taking if I know (or think I know) what I want to major in?
The Major Requirements section will indicate a particular course or course suggestions that you should choose from for your major area. (A major is the course of study in which you wish to concentrate.)
How do I know what classes to take if I am undecided on a major?
That's the beauty of a liberal arts education! All Aquinas students complete a set of general education courses. The General Education Program section shows you a description of the requirements and a list of classes that will fulfill each area. This enables students to try classes in a variety of departments while still taking classes that fit particular graduation requirements.
What math class should I take?
Included in the Advising and Registration section are questions from the Mathematics Department. These questions, along with your high school grades, ACT scores, and score on the math placement exam at STAR, will be used to place you in the appropriate math course. In the section for general education requirements, you will find an explanation of Aquinas' math requirements. (You are not required to start your math requirements in your first semester.)
Is foreign language required for graduation?
All traditional-age students are required to show foreign language proficiency through the second semester of a language. Your high school grades and your score on the foreign language placement exam will be used to place you in the appropriate level of a foreign language.
Will I have enough time between classes?
Classes that meet "back-to-back" will have a 15-minute break. This is ample time to move from one class to another.
May I take night classes?
Many evening classes at Aquinas are in an 8-week, accelerated format and are not available to first-year students.  However, you are allowed to take 16-week, semester-long evening courses.
I play a sport. Will my games or practice interfere with my classes?
Be sure to indicate on your registration materials which sport you play. The Advising Center has practice and game schedules and will work with you to schedule your classes appropriately.
I plan to work while taking classes. Will my work hours interfere with my classes?
Be sure to indicate on your registration materials that you plan to work. Please let us know your approximate work hours, if possible.
How and where do I drop and add classes once I have registered?
Once you have registered for classes, you will need a drop/add slip to change classes, signed by your advisor. Any class that is already full will require you to get the instructor's signature. After classes have begun, the instructor's signature is required on all drop/add slips. Drop/add slips are processed in the Registrar/Academic Advising Center. Check the current class schedule for drop/add deadlines. (You may not drop GE 101, Inquiry and Expression, without permission.) Failure to formally drop a class in the appropriate time frame will result in a failing grade and full tuition charges.
I was dual-enrolled at a college while in high school. Will the courses I completed fulfill any graduation requirements?
Yes, these courses may fulfill graduation requirements. Please indicate the courses you completed on your registration form and discuss them with your advisor at your STAR session. You will also need to have an official transcript sent to the Registrar/Advising Center.