Study Away at Aquinas College

Through Study Away, students may choose among fall semester programs in Italy, Japan and Spain. Spring semester students may choose from programs in Costa Rica, Ireland, France, Germany, and Japan. In most programs local adjuncts and directors are employed to serve as on site staff and faculty. Students can earn from 12 to 19 credits and satisfy elective or language requirements for graduation. Each study site has an extensive excursion component that is designed to augment and intensify the material offered in the program's academic courses. 

Did you know that for every American studying abroad there are three international students in the U.S.? At Aquinas, we are closing the gap; we have increased the number of study abroad participants and the diversity of our program offerings.

Aquinas College wants all of its students to be able to have a study abroad experience, so the Study Away staff work hard to find scholarships for our students to help lower financial burdens. 

Click here for a resource for students with disabilities that wish to travel abroad. 

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