Sustainability Initiative at Aquinas College

Sustainability Campus Resources: Links

Aquinas College Sustainable Business Program -
The Aquinas Sustainable Business Degree program fosters ecological and social intelligence in all business decisions and is the only undergraduate program of its kind in Michigan and possibly the United States. The web site contains information about the academic program, the students, local events, and much more!

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) -
AASHE is a "membership-based association of colleges and universities working to advance sustainability in higher education in the US and Canada." Aquinas College is a member of AASHE, and as such, can access useful resources on their web site. The AASHE site includes a campus sustainability professionals page, classroom resources, publications, interest groups, and a sustainability policy link. They also offer a free, weekly e-newsletter covering campus sustainability news, events, and opportunities. AASHE's goal is to promote sustainability in every area of higher education from governance and operations to curriculum and student-life.

Community Sustainability Partnership -
The Community Sustainability Partnership (CSP) was established and developed to support achievement of the principles of the triple bottom line; economic prosperity, environmental integrity, and social justice. The initial partners include the City of Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Aquinas College, Grand Rapids Community College, and Grand Valley State University. Currently there are nearly one hundred partners from the public and private sectors.
National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology Program -
The Campus Ecology Program was established by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) in 1989 to help colleges and universities become sustainable systems. The web site offers a monthly electronic newsletter, a database of campus projects within particular sustainability topics, a Campus Ecology Yearbook with college and university successes from the previous year, a climate blog, and much more. The organization provides workshops and teleconferences, printed and online resources, and consultation.

Second Nature -
Second Nature helps higher education institutions make the transformation to a sustainable community by providing workshops, publications, presentations, consultations and networking opportunities. The web site contains countless case studies describing the greening of college and universities.

University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (ULSF) -
ULSF is an international non-profit organization that works to make sustainability an integral part of every aspect of colleges and universities, from operations and student life to teaching and research. The site provides resources for incorporating sustainability into the curriculum, conducting a sustainability assessment, integrating sustainability into policies and mission statements, research, and tools for campus greening.

West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum (WMSBF) -
West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum is a regional collaboration of business, government, non-profits and academia dedicated to promoting business practices that demonstrate environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social responsibility.