Sustainability Initiative at Aquinas College

Progress: Paper

The consumption of paper has increased three times since 1960 and Americans generate 85 tons of paper waste. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates about 400 million ink and 100 million toner cartridges are put in landfills annually. ( Aquinas College is committed to minimizing the amount of copy paper purchased and used on campus with initiatives such as utilizing online communications, installing printers with double-sided printing defaults, and encouraging direct deposit. Whenever possible, the college purchases copy paper with the highest recycled content allowable by the fiscal year's budget.
Multi-Function Copy Machines
The Aquinas campus has made a switch to more resourceful multi-function machines. These machines allow students and faculty to scan, print, and make copies more efficiently than the old machines. A notable function of the machines is the ability to scan documents, convert them into .pdf format, and email them in order to provide a digital copy of the document. The multi-function machines are set to environmentally friendly defaults, including better margins, reduced toner usage, and automatic double-sided printing. Overall, our intent is to reduce the amount of printing and paper used on campus, and these new machines can help us do so.
AQ Saint Now Available Online
Implementation Status: Fully Implemented
As Aquinas College continues to its journey toward sustainability, the campus newspaper, “The Saint,” is now available online. In 2018, the group took this one step further and completely eliminated the print version of the newspaper. The website, The Saint, provides students, faculty and staff with the latest news, blogs, photos and more. The website also allows students to comment and express their feelings toward articles, activities, and events.