Sustainability Initiative at Aquinas College


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Campus Single Stream Recycling System- How-To
Aquinas’ recycling program is a single stream system, meaning all paper, plastic, glass, and tin can be disposed of in the same bin. Please be sure all waste is clean and food-free! The following items can be recycled in any blue recycling bin.

  • Paper    
    • Newspaper
    • Magazines/Catalogs, Junk Mail, Envelopes
    • Brown Paper Bags
    • Paperboard, such as Shoe Boxes, Cracker Boxes, and Cereal Boxes
    • Computer Paper, Office Paper
    • Soft Cover Books, including Phone Books
    • Paper Cartons, such as Soy Milk Containers
  • Corrugated Cardboard
    • Heavy shipping and packaging boxes with a wavy liner. (Please remove all staples, tape, etc.)
  • Glass
    • Clear or colored food and beverage containers     
  • Metal          
    • Steel Cans
    • Aluminum Foil (non-food soiled)
    • Food and Beverage Containers
    • Empty Aerosol Cans     
  • Plastic
    • Plastic containers #1 through #7 (i.e. - clean milk jugs, water bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, yogurt cups)
    • Plastic grocery bags #2 or #4 (i.e. - Meijer grocery bags #2)