Sustainable Business at Aquinas College

Sustainable Business: Hands-On Experience

The goal of the sustainable business department is to graduate students who clearly understand conventional business and the non-conventional approach of sustainable business that successfully remedies the deepest environmental, social, and business problems facing our society. The sustainable business graduate will also have the ability to apply conventional and sustainable business principles in a variety of organizational settings. 

Current student Malory Maletic on sustainability at Aquinas

Malory Maletic It's important to take the commitment Aquinas has made to environmental stewardship and historical and aesthetic preservation seriously for several reasons. First of all, Aquinas stands out in the collegiate sphere because of these commitments. Our dedication to LEED certified buildings that are both attractive and efficient, rain gardens and swales that collect and filter run-off, and solar panels that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels -- all of these programs set us apart and build a unique community of people passionate about a sustainable vision. Additionally, I believe we do have a responsibility to preserve resources, whether beauty, natural resources, or historic sites for future generations. I think these commitments fall squarely under the Dominican Charisms that Aquinas works to uphold, and by fostering sustainable programs and ideas we are inherently fostering prayer, study, community, and service.

Props are due to one of our own!

Congratulations to SB alum John DeAngelis who was named in May 2016 as one of GreenBiz’s 2016 “30 under 30”. Starting as a procurement intern with Steelcase, John continues to work with this office and institutional furniture leader. He is now making a difference as its Energy Program Manager, with high-impact results. Read the GreenBiz story here: GreenBiz 2016 30 under 30

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Exciting International Perspectives in Sustainable Business Field Experience in Costa Rica


students in Costa Rica
student working with a man in Costa Rica

SB students taking the course “International Perspectives in Sustainable Business” (SB 330) travel with Dr. Deborah Steketee to Costa Rica. During this short-term study abroad, students experience sustainable business innovations, learn about Costa Rica’s leadership in sustainability, and enjoy Costa Rican’s renowned hospitality. In-country logistics are organized by EARTH University, one of Latin America’s leading institutions for sustainability education.

Upcoming On-Campus and Off-Campus Conferences & Events
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