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Theatre at Aquinas College

Theatre Major - General Studies Track (BA)

Major Requirements: 

Forty-eight (48) credit hours in Theatre: the core (27 credits) and one concentration or “track” (21 credits) selected from the following options: performance (acting and/or directing), technical studies, creative dramatics or general studies.

Theatre Major core required courses:

  • TE/EH217 Dramatic Literature
  • TE242 Script Analysis
  • TE361 Theatre History I
  • TE362 Theatre History II
  • TE141 Acting I
  • TE251 Stagecraft
  • TE244 Directing I
  • TE399 Senior Capstone Project/Independent Study
  • Five (5) credits of Theatre Practica (TE253 and TE341) at least one credit in each area, counts for mainstage production and the Children's tour only 

General Studies Track Requirements:

Required courses:

  • TE130 Intro to Theatre Design
  • TE241 Acting II
  • TE278 Dance Sampler
  • TE 352 Script Writing
  • Nine (9) credits of theatre electives.


  • TE130 Introduction to Theatre Design (3)

    Introduces the elements of design and interprets them theatrically: set, costume, and light design. Explores text interpretation and visual expression.

  • TE241 Acting II (3)

    Deeper exploration into the technique of acting using method and non-method approaches to monologue and scene study. A more specific focus on vocal and physical awareness, character work, bold acting choices and genre. Rehearsal outside of class is required. Prerequisite: TE141 or consent of instructor.

  • TE278 Dance Sampler (3)

    An introductory course covering several types of dance, including tap, jazz, modern and musical theatre. 

  • EH352/TE352 Script Writing (3) (AP) (WI)

    The writing of scripts for the stage and/or screen and the study of the elements of script writing. Prerequisite: EH210.