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Theatre at Aquinas College

Theatre Major - Performance Track (BA)

Major Requirements:

Forty-eight (48) credit hours in Theatre: the core (27 credits) and one concentration or “track” (21 credits) selected from the following options: performance (acting and/or directing), technical studies, creative dramatics or general studies.

Theatre Major core required courses:

  • TE/EH217 Dramatic Literature 
  • TE242 Script Analysis 
  • TE361 Theatre History I
  • TE362 Theatre History II 
  • TE141 Acting I 
  • TE251 Stagecraft 
  • TE244 Directing I 
  • TE399 Senior Capstone Project/Independent Study 
  • Five (5) credits of Theatre Practica (TE253 and TE341) at least one credit in each area, counts for mainstage production and the Children's tour only 

Performance Track Requirements:

Required courses:

  • TE 140 Improvisational Acting
  • TE223 Voice and Diction
  • TE283 Stage Movement
  • TE241 Acting II or TE344 Directing II
  • TE342 Audition Technique
  • Nine (9) credits of theatre electives


  • TE140 Improvisational Acting (3)

    Artistic method of improvisation focusing on the individual and ensemble exploring spontaneity, group cohesion and trust, pantomime skills, characterization and performance. Both comedic and dramatic improvisation are explored.

  • TE223 Voice and Diction (2)

    Speech theory and technique designed to improve a stage actor’s vocal quality which may include breath, production, articulation and phonetics. Prerequisite: TE141 or consent of instructor. 

  • TE283 Stage Movement (2)

    Theatrical movement techniques designed to break physical habits, release tension, explore physical character, increase strength and flexibility, begin aerobic activity and may introduce classical styles. Prerequisite: TE141 or consent of instructor. 

  • TE241 Acting II (3)

    Deeper exploration into the technique of acting using method and non-method approaches to monologue and scene study. A more specific focus on vocal and physical awareness, character work, bold acting choices and genre. Rehearsal outside of class is required. Prerequisite: TE141 or consent of instructor.

  • TE344 Stage Directing II (3)

    Deeper study in the art of directing focusing on concept, classical and stylized theatre, musical theatre, and other genres. The course culminates with student directed scenes. Successful completion of this course allows the student to propose and, if chosen, direct the annual student laboratory production (see TE444). Rehearsals outside of class are required. Prerequisites: TE244 or consent of instructor. 

  • TE342 Audition Technique (2)

    Exploring the professional theatre and film audition by focusing on material selection and preparation, appearance, impression, and headshot/resume techniques. Prerequisite: TE141 or consent of instructor.