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Theatre at Aquinas College

Theatre Minor

Minor Requirements:

Twenty-five (25) credit hours

  • Theatre History & Literature: Nine (9) credit hours
    • TE217
    • TE242
    • TE361 or TE362 
  • Performance: Five (5) credit hours
    • TE141
    • TE223
    • TE283 
  • Theatre Design: Three (3) credit hours
    • TE130 
  • Theatre Technology: Three (3) credit hours
    • TE251 
  • Stage Directing: Three (3) credit hours
    • TE244
  • Theatre Practica:
    • TE253,
    • TE341 (2 semester hours; counts for mainstage productions only)

At least 10 semester hours within the minor must be taken at Aquinas College. Theatre minors must participate in a least one of the theatre program’s mainstage season productions per year. Students interested in vocal training are encouraged to contact the Music Department for the appropriate curriculum.


  • EH217/TE217 Dramatic Literature (3) AC

    Study of the elements of drama through close readings of works from various ages and countries.

  • TE242 Script Analysis (3)

    Artistic approaches to analyzing and interpreting dramatic texts for the purposes of directors, actors and designers. Includes Aristotelian, structural, image-based, action-based and research-based modes of analysis.

  • TE361 Theatre History I (3)

    Survey from Greek theatre to the closing of the theatres in Commonwealth England (1642). Designed to familiarize the student with various periods of theatre history, both the physical aspects and the genre of drama that evolved from each period. Readings of representative plays are required.

  • TE362 Theatre History II (3)

    A continuation of TE361; from Restoration England (1660) through contemporary. Readings of representative plays are required.

  • TE141 Acting I (3)

    Introduction to the technique of acting using theatre games, improvisation, text analysis, monologue and scene work, rehearsal etiquette and technique, and performance. Explores the release of tension and freeing the actor’s body and voice. Rehearsals outside of class are required. 

  • TE223 Voice and Diction (2)

    Speech theory and technique designed to improve a stage actor’s vocal quality which may include breath, production, articulation and phonetics. Prerequisite: TE141 or consent of instructor. 

  • TE283 Stage Movement (2)

    Theatrical movement techniques designed to break physical habits, release tension, explore physical character, increase strength and flexibility, begin aerobic activity and may introduce classical styles. Prerequisite: TE141 or consent of instructor. 

  • TE130 Introduction to Theatre Design (3)

    Introduces the elements of design and interprets them theatrically: set, costume, and light design. Explores text interpretation and visual expression.

  • TE251 Stagecraft (3)

    Exploration of various technical aspects of theatrical production which may include scenery and property construction (metalwork, painting and rigging), lighting and sound, costuming, and make-up. Scene shop laboratory hours may be required. 

  • TE244 Stage Directing I (3)

    Introduction to the art of directing focusing on composition, picturization, audition, staging, dramatic rhythm and pace, rehearsal technique and leadership qualities. The course culminates with student directed ten-minute plays. Rehearsals outside of class are required. Prerequisite: TE242 or consent of instructor. 

  • TE253 Technical Theatre Practicum (1)

    Participating in a Theatre Program mainstage production in stage management, lighting, sound, scenery, props, costuming, or make-up and completing the requirements set forth by the production’s technical director. Prerequisites: TE251 or consent of instructor.

  • TE341 Acting Theatre Practicum (1)

    Participating as an actor in a Theatre Program mainstage production and completing the requirements set forth by the production’s director. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor by audition.