Theology at Aquinas College

Theology Major (BA)

Major Requirements:

Thirty-six (36) credit hours. Required courses:

  • TY120 
  • TY131 
  • TY170 
  • TY250 
  • TY293 
  • TY212 or TY345 
  • TY400
  • One course in Sacred Scripture 
  • Twelve (12) credit hours of Theology electives 

 At least twenty-one (21) credits should be earned at Aquinas College.


  • TY120 Sacraments (3) TF

    An introduction to Sacramental Theology and Liturgy that explores the biblical, historical and liturgical aspects of the Church’s Sacraments.

  • TY131 Bible as Story (3) TF

    A theological and literary introduction to the biblical story, from creation to apocalypse. Follows the great themes of the Bible, such as paradise, peoplehood, and the presence of God. Students will learn to interpret biblical stories, discover the images and themes that appear throughout the Christian Bible, and gain an appreciation of scripture as the root of Christian faith today.

  • TY170 Wrestling with God (3) TF

    Considers the question of God’s existence. Investigates the human capacity to know, love and speak intelligently about God. Examines arguments both for and against God’s existence and gives special consideration to the challenges suffering poses to faith. Explores the relationship between faith and reason, and science and religion. Evaluates the effect secularization has on religious belief and pays special attention to the challenges that a postmodern situation presents to traditional belief in God.

  • TY250 Catholic Moral Theology (3) TF

    An Introduction to Christian morality that considers the person's capacity for achieving excellence in pursuit of the good under the auspices of grace. Themes covered include: Jesus Christ and the moral life, the sources of morality, the person as image of God, grace, sin, freedom, law, vice, infused and acquired virtue.

  • TY293 Christology (3)

    An introduction to the Christian tradition’s understanding of Jesus as the Christ. After a brief review of the biblical data, this course considers the tradition’s reflection on Jesus of Nazareth as found in the early Christological councils and later theologians. 

  • TY212 Vatican II (3)

    Examines major documents and themes of the Second Vatican Council in the context of the Catholic theological tradition.

  • TY345 Ecclesiology (3)

    An introduction to ecclesiology, the study of the church. Features extensive biblical foundations and historical developments, culminating in the documents of Vatican II. This course is not accepted for the Theological Foundation requirement.

  • TY400 Senior Seminar (Variable) (3) SC

    A Senior level study of selected topics from Biblical, Doctrinal, Ecclesial, Moral, or Systematic Theology.