Ben O'Hearn

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Ben O’Hearn graduated from Aquinas with a degree in theology and mathematics as well as a minor in communication. After Aquinas, Ben attended The Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis where he received a Master's degree in pastoral studies. After receiving his master’s he started teaching high school theology in Portland, Michigan. While teaching, Ben was also attending law school, where he would eventually receive a Juris Doctorate. After graduating law school, Ben decided to start his own practice in order to gain more experience. This really did not mesh with Ben’s personality as charging people was very difficult for him. Currently, Ben works with Migrant Legal Aid. In an interview Ben stated, “I love that I get to help people, we try to make sure that migrant workers, some of the poorest people in our country, aren’t taken advantage of.” Ben’s natural generosity and kindness means that he especially did not want to work with a big law firm that focuses on helping large corporations or drive families apart in divorce court. Being able to use his knowledge of to help hardworking people stay in this country and support their families is what drives Ben to succeed.

As for his time at Aquinas, Ben credits Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Mcdaniel, and Dr. Weinandy as some of his favorite professors at Aquinas. He especially loved the theology department, stating “I don’t think I took a single class that I didn’t like.” Like many alumni of Aquinas, Ben has a special appreciation for the time and effort that each and every faculty member puts into working with students. He stated in an interview, “Aquinas is a great balance between personal attention and your ability to grow.” Ben is someone with a clear mission in life; to help others. He appreciates the opportunities he has had and wants to turn that outward to the world. On a closing thought, Ben stated, “At Aquinas you have an opportunity to change the world and give a lot of yourself.” Ben’s faith driven kindness means that helping others is always a top priority, and being able to do that in his day to day work is beyond meaningful.