Women's Studies at Aquinas College

Alumni Profiles

"After taking my Women's Studies courses, I feel as if many facets of my mind have been opened, and I have become much more understanding and empathetic to other groups and beliefs. As a dual Sociology and Psychology major, my Women's Studies courses have greatly impacted my ability to learn and understand these subjects from many different viewpoints and will also impact my future abilities when working with other individuals."
-Jayme Brizzolara, 2018, now a full-time Youth Development Specialist in the residential program at D.A. Blodgett St. John's

Before I knew I had the beliefs of a feminist but now I have the knowledge of the history behind those beliefs . . . Not all women are the same, but as women we must stick together to create a better outcome for us all.
-Adrianna Triche, 2018, now pursuing her Master's Degree in Library Science at Wayne State University

My Women's Studies minor has influenced my worldview dramatically. I see the world in a much more intersectional light. Nothing is isolated; our identities are intertwined. I have also applied the critical thinking skills that I've learned through Women's Studies to my communication and business classes to take my analysis a step further."
-Ellyse Hall (VanderKamp), 2017, now a full-time Marketing Specialist at Priority Health

Alumna Kelly Dittmar ‘05, Assistant Research Professor at the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, published Navigating Gendered Terrain, a study of gender influences on campaign strategy and behavior of candidates (Temple UP 2015).