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World Languages at Aquinas College

Internship Opportunities

Seniors Paul Sommerville and Michael Maxwell, were part of the first cohort of German students who graduated with a B.S. in Translation & Interpretation with a German Concentration in May 2018. During their spring semester, they participated in a unique opportunity - completing their translation practicum with the German firm ETO Magnetic Corp. (ETO Gruppe), a company that develops and produces innovative electromagnetic products and delivers these custom solutions to manufacturers of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial applications in Grand Rapids, MI. Both students translated a variety of business documents and materials from German into English while being guided by Mr. Michael Ignazcak, president of ETO Magnetic (Grand Rapids), who also served as on-site supervisor of the team.
“The German Translation and Interpretation practicum was more than just another class or even a capstone. It was a real work experience that gave me insights to the ever- growing world of the international automotive industry and how it adapts to the domestic workplace. The work was not the only item that came with challenges and new experiences; interactions with both German and domestic personnel created unique, professional relationships. All of these aspects helped me apply and grow both my German and business skills unlike any other internship or professional development opportunity that I have completed during my studies at Aquinas.” (Paul Sommerville, ‘18)
“I spent most of my 12 week German Translation Practicum at ETO Magnetic Corp. working on specific manufacturing instructions. I think ETO was a great company to complete my first ever-real translation job, because it challenged my German (and English) vocabulary and grammar skills, as well as my stylistic ability. I very much appreciate that I have had this opportunity, and I truly think that a work experience such as this one is the only way to fully understand what a career in translation is like. I would be less confident in my translation ability had I not completed this practicum at ETO Magnetic, Corp., where I had to apply my language skills in a real-life work environment." (Michael Maxwell, ’18)

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