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Students working with paper and laptopsSociology is the scientific study of human behavior and social life. A fundamental insight of sociology is that institutions, groups, and interpersonal interactions shape lived experiences and life chances. Sociologists explore areas such as social change, social work, community leadership, human services, the environment, health, and various types of social inequality.

The department of sociology incorporates an engaged, community-based curriculum that expands beyond the boundaries of the classroom, exposing students to experiences and opportunities in Grand Rapids, MI as part of their coursework. The goal of the program is to provide students with a complex understanding of persistent social problems—to which they will apply their knowledge in the pursuit of positive solutions and the advancement of the common good.


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Career Preparation based on leadership

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Engaged Department Initiative

The Sociology Department is part of a nation-wide movement involved in transforming traditional “academic” curriculum into one centered on community engagement.

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Sociology Resources

Find links to professional organizations related to the field of sociology, helpful research databases, and links to information about prominent theorists.

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Sociology Facebook Page

See what the Sociology department has been up to lately. The Facebook page c onnects current AQ Sociology students with AQ Sociology Alumni, as well as jobs, events, and other opportunities.

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Student Clubs

Aquinas is one of only 11 Michigan colleges and universities to be conferred a Michigan Mu of Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD), the International Sociology Honor Society

Arabella Cummings holding up peace signs in a pile of bicycle tires.

Sociology Research Spotlight

Bikes, Barriers, and Well-Being

Dr. Jen Lendrum and Arabella Cummings conducted summer research into barriers to access public space by traversing Grand Rapids on bicycle. In addition to making recommendations for improving access, they found connection and community.Learn more about their work


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Student Research


Check out the current and past research that Aquinas students do with faculty to further the world's knowledge.Read More about Student Research



Common Career Paths

  • Higher education research, teaching
  • Education, K-12
  • Research
  • Advocacy, organizing
  • Social statistics
  • Program analysis
  • Demography
  • Public administration
  • Policy analysis
  • Program development
  • Urban/City planning
  • Federal Government:
  • State and local governments
  • Social science research firms

Comon Employers

  • Public administration
  • Policy analysis
  • Program development
  • Urban/City planning
  • Federal Government:
  • State and local governments
  • Social science research firms
  • Local and state government
  • Universities


  • Research institutes
  • Non-profit agencies
  • Advocacy organizations
  • Labor unions
  • Private industries
  • Advertising and marketing firms
  • Consulting firms
  • Newspapers, magazines, news agencies
  • Public opinion research polls
  • Political campaigns
  • Polling firms


 Source: What Can I Do With This Major?

Occupational Employment and Wages - May 2022

Employment estimate and mean wage estimates for Sociologists

Employment Mean hourly wage Mean annual wage
2,980 $48.71 $101,310


Percentile wage estimates for this occupation:

Percentile 10% 25% 50% 75% 90%
Hourly Wage $27.64 $34.46 $47.40 $61.02 $79.83
Annual Wage $57,490 $71,680 $98,590 $126,920 $166,040

For more information see: Bureau of Labor Statistics


Student Profiles

The Advantage Center

Our Advantage Center is here to help you with internships and career decisions, even after you graduate.

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Alumni Profiles

AQ grads are thankful for the small class sizes that allow them to form personal relationships with professors.