Here are the steps involved in scheduling a test at the testing center. Faculty are encouraged to accommodate students with 25-50% extended testing time right in the learning environment, especially given Aquinas class sizes are small. This allows the student similar access to hearing test updates, asking questions, etc. In some cases, it is most appropriate for the student to test in the testing center- those steps are listed below.

Already know the process? Jump to the Accommodated Testing Faculty Form.

Steps for scheduling at the testing center.

  1. Student and professor discuss alternate testing accommodation when the accommodation letter is provided, deciding whether student will receive accommodations in the classroom, or take test at the testing center.
  2. Students complete the Student Request for Accommodated Test form to request an alternate testing space 7 days in advance, and 14 days in advance for final exams.
  3. Professors can access and fill out the Accommodated Testing Faculty Form, once they are aware of that accommodated tests are taking place. This form provides critical information (can the student use a calculator? How should the test be returned to the professor? etc).
  4. Professors email tests to (secure email to accessibility services office).
  5. Once the test is completed, it will be returned to the professor as indicated on the faculty form completed.


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