Student Accounts Office Services

Set up your direct deposit to receive refunds faster!

Please follow these steps to opt-in and enter your account info

  • Log into Self Service
  • Go to Banking Information or click the bank symbol on the left
  • Click Add an Account
  • Turn bank account usage On, it will default to the current date.  If the account is not ready to be used you can future date it (not likely you will need to change)
  • Click Next
  • Enter your banking information and agree to the terms it’s that easy!
  • You can update and change your account by logging back in.  For security purposes, you will need to enter your current account number before any changes will be allowed.

Refund Procedure

Students will receive email communications each semester from AQ when aid disbursements and refunds have been processed and made available to the student.  Aid will be disbursed to the student account and billed charges will be paid.  Excess funds will be issued after the drop/add period of the semester, within 14 days of the actual disbursement.  All refunds will be issued via electronic deposit (set up in your Self Service) or via paper check if you have not chosen to enter your banking information. Please make sure we have the correct address information on file.