Aquinas College is proud to partner with CEA CAPA’s Latin American Studies program at the Universidad de Belgrano on the Spanish semester program in Buenos Aires. Explore the birthplace of tango and experience the richness of Argentina through this program. This semester immerses students in Spanish language and Latin American culture not only through classroom instruction, but also through excursions and living with an Argentine host family.

  • GPA of 2.5+
  • 2 completed semesters at Aquinas College
  • Completed SPA 301 with a grade of C or better, or its test equivalency
  • Not on academic probation or have recent, serious, or repetitive behavioral citations from the Dean of Students

Students participate during the spring semester and earn 12 - 17 credits that count towards Spanish major/minor requirements. Prior to arrival, students select preferred courses and take a language placement test. Upon arrival, course placement and selection will be finalized.Please note, depending on the semester not all elective classes may be offered and/or some may have conflicting schedule times.


Required Courses:

  • One of the following language courses:
  • Intermediate or Advanced Oral Conversation (2 credits, SPA 302 Spanish Conversation or SPA 299 Spanish Elective)
  • Intermediate or Advanced Spanish A or B (3 credits, SPA 299 Spanish Elective)
  • 3 - 4 of the following electives:
  • Contemporary Argentine Art* (Arte Argentino Contemporáneo) (3 credits, SPA 299 Spanish Elective)
  • Latin American Studies* (Estudios Culturales Latinoamericanos) (3 credits, SPA 299 Spanish Elective)
  • Argentine Literature* (Literatura Argentina) (3 credits, SPA 299 Spanish Elective)
  • Latin American Literature* (Literatura Latinoamericana) ( 3 credits, SPA 310 Latin American Literature/Humanities Gen Ed)
  • Latin American History (3 credits, SPA 299 Spanish Elective)
  • Argentine Economic History (3 credits, SPA 299 Spanish Elective)

Additional Elective Courses/Programs:

  • Tango (Tango Danza) (2 credits, SPA 299 Spanish Elective)
  • Internship + Study Program (talk to the Office of International Programs for info)
  • Other courses as approved (student must follow proper procedures to get advisor, department and registrar approval)

* recommended courses

Program Structure

Classes typically meet for 4 hours per week on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Active learning components or excursions required by courses may be scheduled for Fridays. If participating in the internship program, your work schedule will be determined after arrival and structured around your classes and could vary depending on placement location.

In addition to course excursions, CEA CAPA organizes 2-3 day long or overnight excursions each semester. In the past excursions have been to Tigre, Iguazu Falls, Polo matches, and Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay). These excursions help expand and deepen classroom studies by experiencing different aspects of Argentine and Latina American culture.

Additionally, students are able to construct their own experiences through independent travel. 

Participants will be placed in home-stays with local families. This setting provides the opportunity to build friendships and gain insight into daily living, as well as an immediate local resource for the individual student. Integration into the daily workings of the host family home allows for regular and practical language application and insight into cultural values and behaviors. Additionally host families provide breakfast for students Monday - Saturday and dinner for students Sunday - Thursday.

Students will not be charged Aquinas tuition or Aquinas housing fees and do not need an Aquinas meal plan if they participate in this program.

Approximate cost Spring 2024: $13,700 *

Program fee includes:

  • Airport pickup
  • Housing (with a host family)
  • Breakfast 6 days/week, dinner 5 days/week (provided by host family)
  • Group excursions/cultural activities
  • Course credits/official transcript
  • Health/travel insurance

* The internship program has additional fees, talk to the Office of International Programs for more information

CEA CAPA typically offers a flight voucher to help cover the cost of airfare. They also grant merit-based scholarships to students with a GPA of 3.8 and above. Finally, they offer some opportunity grants that include flight vouchers, passport application subsidy and work-study subsidy for eligible students.

Please visit the Money Matters page and review the budget worksheet for information on scholarships and other expense considerations.

Additional Application

After being accepted into the program by the Office of International Programs, you will be invited to enroll and register through the CEA CAPA Education Abroad website.


CEA CAPA will send students instructions and paperwork needed in order to apply for the proper visa prior to leaving. If students have questions about the instructions or need additional assistance, they can reach out to the Office of International Programs or their CEA CAPA Advisor.


CEA CAPA offers flight credit when you apply to help offset travel costs. Students with a GPA of 3.8+ are automatically considered for a merit-based scholarship of $500 through CEA CAPA. Additionally, CEA CAPA offers some “Opportunity Grants” you can find listed here. As Aquinas College is an Affiliate Member with CEA CAPA, additional discounts and scholarships may apply.

Once you have committed to this program, the Office of International Programs will reach out to the Financial Aid Office to confirm your participation and they will determine your eligibility for the Dr. Harry and Mrs. Sheila Knopke Scholarship for International Study and any other internal scholarships.

Additional opportunities are listed under the “External Scholarships” section of the Money Matters page.

More info

Reach out to the Office of International Programs or review the CEA/CAPA Latin American Studies website for additional program information.