"Aquinas College Green Revolving Fund"

Purpose Statement

A sustainable investment mechanism to make energy-reducing enhancements and increase usage of renewable energy on the campus of Aquinas College.

How It Works

  1. Initial seed money from designated Wege Foundation grant funds
  2. Project proposals are solicited from students, faculty and staff
  3. Projects are evaluated based on cost, payback time, and campus impact
  4. Approved projects will borrow from the fund to make campus enhancements
  5. Said enhancements will reduce energy cost or promote renewable energy to the college
  6. Such savings will be put back into the GRF to replenish and grow it.


  • Facilitate the carbon neutrality goal of Aquinas College
  • Promote the ideals of sustainability in line with the strategic plan's aspiration to "Transform the College" based on the guiding principles of the 6 E's (Economics, Environment, Ecology, Ethics, Empathy, Education) to enhance our reputation regionally and nationally
  • Engage and bring together students, faculty, and staff
  • Engage the broader Grand Rapids community
  • Promote the use of renewables both on campus and to the community at large

More Information

General Information Form (pdf)
Proposal Form
The Billion Dollar Green Challenge


Jessica Eimer Bowen
Executive Director, Center for Sustainability
Albertus Hall, Rm 129
(616) 632-1994