Theology at Aquinas College
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Theology faculty are guided by the Dominican spirit of contemplari et contemplata aliis tradere: “to contemplate and to hand on to others the fruits of contemplation”.

Theology Department Goals
To root students in Scripture, the soul of theology.
To faithfully transmit to students the Catholic tradition. 
To promote in students action in the world that springs from the Truth of the Gospel, placing themselves at the service of Life and Love.

Theology Department Mission Statement
Following St. Thomas Aquinas, our patron, faculty and students together seek the truth of existence as it emerges in the human response to God’s invitation to participate in the fullness of life. Theology at Aquinas College attends to human existence and life and contemporary concerns in light of Sacred Scripture, church tradition, and the natural law which mirrors God’s eternal wisdom. Committed to the theological enterprise of “faith seeking understanding,” the Theology Department is an integral and indispensable part of a Catholic liberal arts education.

All full time theology faculty have been offered and accepted an individual mandatum from ecclesiastical authority. Professors Marko and Marshall have accepted the commitment and responsibility to teach authentic Catholic doctrine from former Bishop Robert Rose of Grand Rapids; Professor Davis received his mandatum from Cardinal Adam Maida, former Apostolic Vicar of Grand Rapids and Archbishop of Detroit. Essentially the mandatum is an acknowledgment by church authority that a Catholic professor of a theological discipline is teaching within the full communion of the Catholic Church.


Each full-time professor has a mandatum from the Bishop of the Diocese of Grand Rapids or the Archbishop of Detroit.


Graduates readily find employment in parishes in the Dioceses of Grand Rapids, Lansing and the Arch-Diocese of Detroit.