Launched in 2009, the Catholic Studies Speaker Series offers 2-3 lectures per year by national and international Catholic figures and scholars. The series also brings students into contact, both in the classroom and in informal settings, with great living Catholic thinkers like Bishop Robert Barron, Joseph Pearce, Eleonore Stump and Duncan Stroik. The series helps fulfill the mission of the Catholic Studies program, "to share the riches of the Church's own culture" with students and the community.

Previous Catholic Studies Events

Joseph T. Stuart, Ph.D. presented his important and engaging work on “The Age of Enlightenment and Our Souls: Legacies of Cultural Conflict, Engagement, and Retreat.” (January 31, 2023)

Dr. Stuart is Associate Professor of History and Fellow in Catholic Studies at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND, where he lives with his wife and four children. Dr. Stuart grew up near Big Rapids, MI, worked at the Russell Kirk Center in Mecosta, MI, for a number of years, and completed his graduate studies at the University of St. Andrews and the University of Edinburgh. Dr. Stuart taught as an Adjunct Professor here at Aquinas College in 2010. He is now the Chair of the History program at the University of Mary and is the author or co-author of three books.

Dr. Alicia Cordoba, D.M.A.
"Mission and Identity at the Heart of Catholic Higher Education" (
November 3, 2022)

Mary C. Moorman
A Theology of Indulgences: A Revised Construal

Mary C. Moorman brings her combined interests in law and theology to the fore in her initial work on the legal and theological framework which undergirds the Church's indulgences. Mary holds a Juris Doctor in law with a focus on religious legal systems from Boston University. She completed her work in medieval systematic theology at Yale and Southern Methodist University. She is author of "Indulgences: Luther, Catholicism, and the Imputation of Merit" (Emmaus Academic, 2017).

Fr. Paul Murray

 Fr. Robert Barron, "Thomas Merton's Metaphysics of Peace"

Dawn Eden, "My Tangled Road to Rome"

Sr. Mary Prudence Allen, RSM, Ph. D., "Can the Complementarity of Woman and Man be Proved? 

Dr. Ralph Martin, “The New Evangelization: Why Bother?”
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Special Lecture on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition