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A student and a professor stand side by side in Aquinas shirts against a blank wall. The professor holds a leash for a black lab wearing an Aquinas Red T shirt. The Math Department had two student-professor summer research teams in 2022. Nicole Gregory and Dr Shari McCarty worked on a project that will culminate in the create on of a new secondary mathematics education major beginning in Fall 2024.


A smiling student and professor stand in front of a whiteboard with a diagram written on it. The professor has unzipped his hoodie to reveal his Mohler Thompson AQ summer Research T Shirt. Jarrad Epkey and Dr. Mike McDaniel's summer project was titled "A Plethora of Wallace-Simson Lines", a problem in elliptic geometry. Jarrad presented his work at the West Michigan Regional Undergraduate Science Research Conference at the Van Andel Research Institute in November 2022, and the two are currently preparing a paper to be submitted for publication. 


Student, Matt Richmond stands beside a poster board with his research printed on it. He's wearing a dress shirt and tie, smiling.In the spring of 2022, the Data Analytics Project (MS 440) class worked on a project for the AQ Registrar's Office in which they built a statistical model that can be used to predict an incoming student's performance during their first college semester based on their high school data. One of the students, Matt Richmond, presented his work at the MathFest conference in Philadelphia in the summer of 2022. 


 A group of smiling people, including Sister Ann Mason, posing for a photo in front of a Red AQ/Adidas printed backdroLong-time Saint Sr. Ann Mason, O.P. '60 was inducted into the AQ Historical Commission Hall of Fame during homecoming in 2022. 





Several of our recent grads are working toward advanced degrees in graduate school! Mitch McDaniel '18 is in the Mathematics PhD program at Bowling Green State University, Anna Repesh is in the Biostatistics Master's program at Grand Valley State, Tyler Toren '21 and Bruce Buurstra '21 are in the Data Science Master's program at Grand Valley State, Thomas Siebelink '21 is in the Biostatistics Master's program at University of Colorado-Boulder, and Shekira Edgar '22 is in the Mathematics Master's program at Western Michigan University.

Dr. Joe Fox had a paper entitled "Characters of nullcone related to reductive groups" published in the journal Communications in Algebra in 2022.

Fun things are always happening in the Math Department! Dr. Joe Spencer's Friday board game day is back, and we now have an Instagram page! Follow us @aqmathdepartment