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Math Club

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Did you know: 

  • You can turn a shirt inside-out by pulling the whole thing through a sleeve rather than through the bottom or collar?
  • If you can perform 8 consecutive shuffles on a deck of 52 cards, the arrangement of the cards is the same as the original arrangement?
  • There is a type of poem known as a "pi-ku"? (Think haiku but with the syllable counts being the digits of π.)
  • You can make really cool Christmas ornaments using mathematical principles?

If you're an AQ Math Club member, then your answer to the above questions is YES! The Math Club is a student-run organization that highlights fun and novel mathematical ideas that don't often show up in the classroom. They also throw mathematically festive Christmas parties and occasionally bring in speakers and job recruiters.

Anyone is welcome to become a member, regardless of major. Contact Dr. McDaniel or Dr. Spencer to see when the next event is happening.



Friday Board Games

The Math Department is home to an avid collector and player of board games, Dr. Joe Spencer. Every Friday afternoon, Dr. Spencer brings in someone of his favorite games (as well as a huge plate of cookies) so that fellow gaming enthusiasts can get together and unwind at the end of a busy week. The math content is not always obvious, but there's no shortage of mathematical thinking taking place during Friday board game sessions– just look at Dr. Spencer's student research topics over the past several years to see the intersection between math and games!



Pi Mu Epsilon

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Phi Mu Epsilon is an honor society for math majors. Membership is based on experience and grades in math courses and participation in Math Club events. PME members get a line to add to their resume as well as a set of honor cords to wear during commencement.