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As you search the Music Department web page, you will see that we believe that a music major degree draws upon many learning approaches which prepare students for careers in music, as well as in other pursuits. The student benefits from the skills acquired through this creative discipline and a Liberal Arts program.  Aquinas College is proud to be a member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

Most current music majors at Aquinas College receive scholarships from the department's many endowments which totaled approximately $100K this year. Submitting an Audition Request is the first step toward being welcomed as a music major, minor, or ensemble talent and being considered for a scholarship in music. Auditions may be Live, Virtual, or Recorded.

At Aquinas College, we encourage all students to continue to participate in each of the activities that has brought them enjoyment over the years. In the Music Department, we know that many students have participated in choirs, bands, theater, orchestra, private lessons, church groups and even performances of their own songs prior to college.  Aquinas College and the Music Department provide a variety of opportunities for continued pursuit of these activities. While the majority of the endowed scholarships are designated for Music majors, there are scholarships available for Ensemble membership, as well. 


To further support students who sing or play an instrument who are not in music, students of any major can earn scholarships of up to $2,000 for participation in music ensembles. To be considered:

  • complete the audition request form or send an email to:  
  • tell us what instrument(s) or voice part you play/sing 
  • state that you wish to apply for a Talent Scholarship.   
  • A music faculty member will then contact you for a Zoom audition! 

The Audition 

Music Majors and Minors


  1. You should select music literature according to your specific instrument:
    • Pianists and Organists should prepare contrasting pieces from two stylistic periods.
    • Instrumentalists should prepare one longer or two selections that demonstrate contrasts of technical facility and lyrical phrasing.
    • Vocalists should prepare two songs of contrasting style, one being in a foreign language, if possible.
    • All - Select music that will demonstrate the breadth of your ability and with which you are comfortable. Your performance time will be eight minutes in length.
  2. We request that your video audition be submitted via a YouTube link that you create (‘public’ or ‘unlisted’) and send to:
  3. One of the Music Faculty will email you.
  4. Be sure that your Aquinas College Application is in.
  5. Any letters of recommendation and a resume should be sent via email to You may also send them by mail to the address below. Please note that receipt of documents submitted by mail could be delayed.
    Music Department: Music Audition
    Aquinas College
    1700 Fulton St. E
    Grand Rapids, MI 49506-1801



Questions regarding completing the Music Audition Form or the Audition process? 


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