Theatre Research

May 2016 - May 2017

student researchers The Impact of Theatre on Social Change and Community Engagement Through The Lens of Privilege 
Zoe Gipson

This project will be conducted in two main types of research, traditional research and interviews, and praxis—the exploration of theory through practice—both types will focus on the impacts of theatre on social change, while looking at different privileges. Our praxis will focus on different scripts at every level, leading to several productions, as well as workshops, seminars, day camps, talkbacks, through community initiatives such as Ebony Road Players, Mixed Roots Collective, and GR Civic Theater. Both modes of research will look at different privileges in traditional and nontraditional lenses, with cross over, but mainly focusing on race, gender, age, sexuality, and economic status and background. 

Faculty Advisor: Randy Wyatt
Funded by: Aquinas College Summer Scholars Program