It's Your Time to Shine.

Our programs and faculty will help you lay a solid educational foundation while giving you the tools to advocate for yourself and others. By choosing Aquinas, you’ll get an experience designed for every part of who you are so you can grow into the very best version of you.  At Aquinas, you won’t become something - you will become someone.



Undergraduate Admissions

With 60+ majors and a diverse course catalog, your future is up to you. Create a program based on you.

Graduate Admissions

Aquinas offers graduate programs and certificates in management, education, and counseling.

Continuing Education

Undergraduate Continuing Education programs at Aquinas fit the real lives of adult students.

Dual Enrollment

Eligible high school students can take college courses and receive college credit.


Connect with Aquinas Admissions

Contact: Lindsey Hansen, Director of Admissions
Phone: (616) 632-2878 or 1-800-678-9593


"The community at Aquinas makes me feel like I never left home. From my friends, to my professors to the rest of the staff, everything just felt warm."

Svetlana Djirackor - '20


“From my first visit, I saw a campus that rallied around each other. Aquinas has allowed me to grow in ways I never could have imagined. There is this feeling that I have a place here.”

Noah Haran  - '21


"Aquinas provided me with such an enriching, value-based, liberal arts education that I encouraged our son to attend—and he fit right in. That's the great thing about Aquinas, you fit."

Scott Crowley - '90


“Having access to scholarships has allowed me to worry less about the financial side of school and focus on my studies.”

Jeileny Tenorio - ’21

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100%first-year students get financial aid
96%are employed or in graduate school after graduation
100+areas of study
11:1student-to-faculty ratio