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    Center for Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity

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Who We Are

Rooted in the Dominican tradition, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion serves as a safe space for all members of the Aquinas community to engage in empathic cross-cultural exploration, as well as to develop a deeper understanding of their individual cultural identity. Particular emphasis is placed on fostering the holistic development of racially and ethnically underrepresented students.

What We Do

  • Host diversity speakers to increase cross-cultural awareness
  • Facilitate workshops on creating a more inclusive campus climate
  • Organize events for the campus to engage a variety of cultural traditions
  • Provide volunteer opportunities to combat social inequities

What We Value

We believe all students benefit from a multicultural learning environment. Encountering diverse perspectives and experiences prepares students to be successful in a global society.

Aquinas Diversity Statement

Aquinas College is committed to equality. This statement of the College speaks to this commitment, as do our history and heritage. We believe that diversity is a blessing. >Read More


Working to promote inclusiveness across campus, the Center serves as a resource for concerns and inquiries regarding diversity and equity. We pride ourselves in helping all members of the AQ community to feel welcomed and connected.