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Esperanza Garcia
Esperanza Garcia
Student Engagement Coordinator, CDIE


Esperanza graduated from Aquinas College in 2020 with a bachelor of arts degree in sociology. As a student, she was involved in the Latinx Student Association (LXSA), the Jane Hibbard Idema Women’s Studies Center as an intern, and with the Center for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity as a diversity assistant. These opportunities shaped her into an advocate for change and social justice. Esperanza is passionate about creating spaces for students of color and first-generation students. In her free time, Esperanza enjoys watching horror/thriller movies, listening to music, a good iced coffee and especially talking about all three of those things with her friends.

Cook Carriage HouseThe Center for Diversity & Inclusion is located on the second floor of the Cook Carriage House.
Email: cdi@aquinas.edu