Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts education is comprehensive education, designed to develop students who thrive in all dimensions of life.  At Aquinas, while students receive career preparation in specific disciplines, the goal is to be fit for everything.  An education for the whole person that is best for all of life, not just the 9-5 work day, but preparing you for an ever changing world.  

What can it do for me?

  • The freedom of a liberal arts education includes spiritual freedom and promotes ways of thinking and living that enable students to realize God’s purpose for them in life.  
  • By focusing on the whole person, students gain an understanding of how to fill important roles in their free time, for example by being a good friend, church member, spouse, or a positive contributor to the community.
  • In acquiring a broad, foundational education, students are prepared for a wide range of career options throughout life.
  • With a smaller size and smaller student/professor ratio than larger universities, you’ll receive more personalized attention, be more likely to be referred to internships and jobs and learn to foster deeper relationships.

The Private College Advantage

There are a number of advantages of attending a private independent college over a public university that provide lifelong benefits.  Aquinas is also much more affordable than than you might think.  Below are a few advantages of private colleges summarized from the Council of Independent Colleges.

  • Private colleges award larger grants over public universities
  • Smaller private colleges enroll a larger proportion of low-income students than any other sector
  • Private college are affordable, students and families typically pay less than 60% of the published price of tuition and fees
  • Private college students receive much more financial aid
  • First generation students are more likely to graduate on time from private colleges
  • Private colleges provide access and success to diverse students who become more likely to graduate
  • More STEM majors at private colleges plan to go to graduate school
  • Private colleges engender Alumni satisfaction with education and involve students to contribute to the public good.

Developing Whole & Effective People

At Aquinas, a student's study is comprehensive and multidimensional, happening both in the classroom and outside. As a small Catholic liberal arts college, we don't teach our students what to think, but how.  Our students learn to pursue truth, seek justice, live with passion and act with courage. Prayer, study, community, and service are the foundation of all our students do, and our students do great things.  If you want to live a life filled not only with achievement but with purpose and meaning, you could be a Saint. 

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