Funding a Scholarship at Aquinas

You can fund a scholarship at Aquinas a few different ways. Read on to learn about the various options available and our staff will work with you to develop a plan.  

Establish an Endowed Scholarship

An endowed scholarship creates a permanent fund so that your scholarship will support students for years to come.  The principal gift remains intact and a percentage of the invested income is distributed annually in student scholarships.  An endowed scholarship may be established with a one-time gift or a series of multi-year gifts. The endowment can be funded by an individual, an estate gift, a family, or a group of alumni.   Contact us at (616) 632-2845 to learn more about establishing an endowed scholarship.

Fund a Scholarship with Annual Gifts

An annual scholarship can be created with a minimum $1,500 annual gift for current use.  Contact us at (616) 632-2845 to learn more about establishing an annual scholarship.