Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning is a pedagogical approach that connects students and faculty with activities that address community-identified needs through mutually beneficial partnerships that deepen students' academic and civic learning.

Community-Engaged Learning is a broader, more inclusive term that reflects more ways that people engage with their communities. These strategies range from direct service to advocacy to research to philanthropy and more.

Whether teaching local children about cultures around the world, creating pillow cases for a local women’s shelter, or designing marketing materials for an annual event event that raises thousands of dollars for local food shelters: Community-engaged learning courses (CEL) help students to connect to our community while they continue to grow and develop as students and global citizens.

Community-Engaged Learning Courses:


AG397 Field Experience (Variable) SS1

Business Administration BS235 Social Entrepreneurship for Developing Economies (3) SS1
BS397 Field Experience (Variable)
BS496 Human Resources Practicum (3)
Community Leadership CL100 Exploring Community Leadership (4) PSC
CL201 Leadership for Social Change (1)
CL395 Ireland Community Aides Internship (3) SS1
Economics ES397 Field Experience in Economics (Variable)
Sustainable Business SB235/BS235 Social Entrepreneurship (3)
SB397 Internship (3–6)
SB330 International Perspectives in Sustainable Business (3)
History HY397 Field Experience in History (Variable)
HY401 Senior Research Seminar (3) SC
World Languages