This is a process for students to bring grievances to the attention of the College for review and resolution. Students have the opportunity to raise concerns about a program, their learning experience or the services received. This process is only to be used in situations where a College policy or procedure specific to their concerns is not already in place, and is ensured to be without reprisal.

Students are encouraged to discuss their concerns directly with the person(s) and/or office(s) involved to informally resolve the issue. If the issue is not informally resolved, the student should meet with the supervisor of the person(s) and/or office(s) involved. Most issues are resolved when one makes an appointment with a faculty or staff member and calmly and honestly communicates their concerns. If the issue is not resolved, there is a formal complaint process.

Before initiating the formal complaint process, three points must be made about the process.

  1. The complaint process is not applicable to complaints covered by other already-existing College policies and/or actions. These include, but are not limited to: grade appeals, academic dismissal appeals, financial aid suspension, sexual misconduct, student conduct action, etc. When necessary and appropriate, the Dean of Students will assist students in identifying the applicable College policies and procedures for reporting and resolving such matters.
  2. At any point in the process, a student filing a complaint will always have the option to withdraw the complaint.
  3. The College strictly prohibits any member of the College community from harassing or retaliating against any student who files a complaint under this policy.

If any student wishes to file a formal complaint, the student must submit the complaint in writing to the Dean of Students through our online form

The Dean of Students will refer the grievance for investigation and resolution to the appropriate academic or administrative official. The student will receive and update from the Dean of Students or designee as soon as possible. The designated investigator will provide both the student and the Dean of Students with written notice of the final disposition.

A copy of the grievance and a summary of the process and resolution of the complaint will be kept in the Dean of Students Office for a period of eight (8) years from the date of the final resolution of the grievance.

Additional Resources – Higher Learning Commission
If the complaint concerns the institution’s compliance with academic programs, academic quality and/or accrediting standards, students may submit a complaint to the Higher Learning Commission, Aquinas College’s accrediting agency, at