Standing Committees


The Aquinas College Budget Committee is run by the Budget Director of the Student Senate. The committee is comprised of a mixture of senators from each class. The Committee meets biweekly to hear additional allocations from RSO’s, review budget proposals, and discuss any other budgetary matters. To meet with the Budget Committee, please fill out the additional allocation request form, or contact the Budget Director through email:

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee is run by the Academic Affairs Director of the Student Senate. The committee is made up of a senator from each class. We meet biweekly on the off week of regular Student Senate meetings. As a committee, we look at benchmarking for senate and also oversee applications for the Research Fund.

Campus Engagement

The Campus Engagement Committee, is run by the Secretary of the Aquinas College Student Senate, accompanied two Senators in the Senate. This committee is responsible for organizing, managing, and conducting events both on and off campus. In action, these events are administered by the Student Senate as a whole. These events are constructed to unify the Aquinas, and nearby community, in efforts to uphold the Aquinas College Student Senate mission.