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Communications professor speaking to students in a classroomAlthough everyone is born with the means to communicate, communication ability, like any talent, must be developed. The communication curriculum at Aquinas was designed with that in mind. Classes demand thoughtful inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving skills and active participation.

Communication is one of the fastest growing disciplines at Aquinas. Communication majors learn skills that employers seek in classes and internships. Our communication graduates hold leadership positions in healthcare, law, the arts, education, and the non-profit sector. Four distinct communication major tracks are offered and tailored to career objectives, including a Business Administration and Communication Dual Major and the major can be completed just at night.


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Career Preparation based on leadership

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Communication Lab

The primary purpose of the lab is to offer opportunities for students to practice public speaking, work on speech related assignments, and gain immediate feedback from a trained upper-level communication major.

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Student Spotlight

Hear from Communication Students about their experience at Aquinas College and the opportunities they found to get involved more deeply within their discipline.

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Student Research


Check out the current and past research that Aquinas students do with faculty to further the world's knowledge.Read More about Student Research



Communication majors gain a broad range of skills that are well suited to today's careers, including:

  • Advertising
  • Broadcasting
  • Business Management
  • Event Management
  • Human Resources
  • Law
  • Public Relations
  • Teaching (at elementary level with communication minor, at secondary level with communication, interdisciplinary communication or communication with a theatre emphasis minor or major)

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Occupational Employment and Wages - May 2022

Employment estimate and mean wage estimates for Public Relations Specialists

Employment Mean hourly wage Mean annual wage
264,750 $37.76 $78,540


Percentile wage estimates for this occupation:

Percentile 10% 25% 50% 75% 90%
Hourly Wage $18.57 $24.03 $32.42 $44.65 $61.75
Annual Wage $38,630 $49,980 $67,440 $92,880 $128,450

For more information see: Bureau of Labor Statistics


Student Profiles

Advantage Center

The Advantage Center is here to support you as you pursue your goals in your carreer and beyond. Not sure what you want to do after graduation? The Advantage Center Staff can help you discover a path that is right for you.

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Alumni Profiles

AQ grads are thankful for the small class sizes that allow them to form personal relationships with professors.