Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MAC): Degree Requirements


The Three-Year Plan is a full-time program that enables students to complete the program with three courses per semester in three years to complete the 60 semester hour program.

Three Year Plan

    Format Hours
Fall Year 1
COU500 Orientation to Grad Studies 1 day seminar 0
COU502 Foundations of Clinical Mental Health Counseling 16 weeks 3
COU504 Counseling Techniques and Practices 16 weeks 3
COU505 Theories of Counseling and Helping 16 weeks 3
    Total 9
Spring Year 1
COU506 Psychopathology & Diagnosis 16 weeks 3
COU507 Assessment in Counseling 16 weeks 3
COU604 Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling 8 weeks 3
    Total 9
Summer Year 1
COU503 Lifespan Development 10 weeks 3
  Elective (Optional) 10 weeks (3)
    Total 3 to 6
Fall Year 2
COU602 Career Development and Counseling 8 weeks 3
COU603 Social Justice & Diversity 16 weeks 3
  Elective (Optional) 8 or 16 weeks (3)
    Total 6 to 9
Spring Year 2
COU606 Theory and Practice of Group Counseling 16 weeks 3
COU706 Crisis & Trauma Counseling 8 weeks 3
  Elective (Optional) 8 or 16 weeks (3)
    Total 6 to 9
Summer Year 2
COU701 Advanced Techniques & Practicum (min. 120 hours) 10 weeks 3
COU704 Psychopharmacology & Substance Abuse 10 weeks 3
    Total 6
Fall Year 3
COU702 Internship 1 in Clinical Counseling (min. 300 hours) 16 weeks 3
COU705 Evaluation of Mental & Emotional Status 16 weeks 3
  Elective (Optional) 8 or 16 weeks (3)
    Total 6 to 9
Spring Year 3
COU601 Research Methods and Program Evaluation 16 weeks 3
COU703 Internship 2 in Clinical Counseling (min. 300 hours) 16 weeks 3
  Elective (Optional) 8 or 16 weeks (3)
COU750 Comprehensive Exam   0
    Total 6 to 9
    Program Total 60

Pastoral Counseling Program

Pastoral counselors are increasingly expected to be competent mental health professionals who specialize in providing counseling services in faith based systems. The Pastoral Counseling Program at Aquinas College is a unique program designed ideally to accommodate those who already have training in religion or theology and/or who have been established in their ministry and who would like to gain skill and training in counseling theory and techniques in order to provide competent faith based counseling services in faith based organizations such as churches, hospitals, hospices, or scripture based counseling centers. This program provides all the coursework necessary to be eligible to practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor while at the same time providing courses specific to the unique demands of faith based human services.

Candidates for the Pastoral Counseling Program will follow the schedule of courses outlined above. In place of the elective options, candidates will complete the following courses: COU 518 Spirituality & Religion in Counseling; COU 521 Pastoral Counseling, and COU 519 Counseling the Terminally Ill and Bereaved in lieu of elective courses. 

Elective Courses

COU516 Marriage, Family & Couples
COU518 Spirituality & Religion in Counseling
COU519 Counseling the Terminally Ill and Bereaved
COU521 Pastoral Counseling
COU605 Counseling Children and Adolescents
COU707 Clinical Supervision