President's Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards


All of our employees contribute to the success of Aquinas College, and our colleagues deserve recognition for dedication in fulfilling their responsibilities and carrying out the College's mission. While it is impossible to recognize all of the individual efforts that occur daily at Aquinas, we want employees to know that their hard work and commitment are appreciated.

To that end, four President's Awards have been designed to give special recognition to two faculty and two staff members for their extra efforts and special contributions. The categories for faculty are "Outstanding Teacher" and "Outstanding Scholar," and the categories for staff are "Excellent Service" and "Rising Star."

The President's Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards focus on recognizing exceptional dedication to the College vision, mission, values, diversity and sustainability statements.

  • Outstanding Teacher Award: The Outstanding Teacher Award recognizes an individual who is a compelling, effective teacher in their field and who demonstrates, through specific activities or other aspects of teaching, commitment to the core mission of providing an exceptional educational experience to their students.
  • Outstanding Scholar Award: The Outstanding Scholar Award celebrates a faculty member whose accomplishments include a demonstrable commitment to research in their field.
  • Excellent Service Award: The Excellent Service Award recognizes a staff member who demonstrates a commitment to the College and their internal and external customers by making significant professional contributions and providing quality service.
  • Rising Star Award: The Rising Star Award recognizes a new staff member (1-3 years of service) who has gone over and above in demonstrating excitement and commitment to their roles, raising the bar to a high level of excellence.

AQ faculty, staff, and students may nominate a faculty or staff member for one of the award categories by reviewing the eligibility criteria and completing the online nomination form. To advance your nominee, be sure to include very specific examples of how you have observed the individual meeting the criteria set forth for the particular award for which you are nominating them.