Our Zero Waste Team assists in educational programs concerning Aquinas’ waste streams. With everyone working together, we can reach this aggressive goal and be a zero waste campus! A "Sustainability Advocate" is the zero waste point person in a respective area on campus. This volunteer is the campus community's one-stop resource for recycling and composting questions, recommendations, ideas, and challenges related to zero waste.

Sustainability Advocates (2023/24)
Below is a listing of the Zero Waste Advocates in each area.

  • Academic Building
    • 2nd Floor: Lynn Atkins-Rykert; Kevin Cantley
    • 1st Floor: Thad Salter
  • Albertus Hall: Jessica Eimer Bowen; Dr. Rob Peters
  • AMC: Mary Hurd and Nate Lareau
  • Browne Center/Conferencing: Mark Schmidbauer
  • Grace Hauenstein Library:  Jessica Kline; Christina Radisauskas; Jeanine Weber
  • Holmdene: Chad Gunnoe
  • Hruby Hall: Jessica Vaglica
  • Knape Hall: Ethan Barker
  • Meijer Hall: Annah Stang
  • Regina Hall: Ehl P'Simer
  • Sturrus Sports and Fitness Center: Duane Ambrose
  • Commuters: Ella Satterthwaite & Matthew Sommerfeld

Sustainability Captains (2022/23)

  • Baseball- Garrett Cheslek 
  • Cheer- Jason Sanden
  • Dance- Aijamal Kasymova
  • E-Sports- Rachel Sauer, Jack DeLong
  • JV Softball- Caleigh Muglia
  • Men's Cross Country- Ethan Barker
  • Men's Golf- Anthony Lalomia
  • Men's Lacrosse- Aidan Donnely
  • Men's Rugby- Nathan Shaffer, Mason King
  • Men's Soccer- Antonio Strasiotto
  • Men's Swim & Dive- Ian Clapp
  • Softball- Grace Maguire, Ellie Haunhorst
  • Women's Basketball- Megan Douglass
  • Women's Cross Country- Mallory Bowker
  • Women's Golf- Emily Franklin
  • Women's Lacrosse- Alex Sullivan, Trinity Reynoso, McKenna Burke
  • Women's Soccer- Merin Mcdermott
  • Women's Swim & Dive- Maureen Lynch
  • Women's Volleyball- Emily Jones 

Advocate Testimonials

"I was able to instantly incorporate composting my old coffee grounds. Each morning when I go to the sink and get water to fill my coffee pot I put my old coffee grounds and filter into the composting bin. I always disliked tossing the old coffee grounds into my office trash can. The convenience of the compost bin near the sink means ZERO excuses!"

Lynn Atkins-Rykert - Graduate Management Programs

"I don't know if I am a guru so much as a sustainability parrot ... it seems I am constantly chirping, ‘You can compost that’ ‘oh, that is recyclable.’ I must really be on top of it because a new employee actually thought I worked in the Center for Sustainability. I took it as a great compliment!"

Brigid Avery - Advantage Center

"One of the obstacles I faced with moving toward zero-waste in my own office were the many tissues I go through each day. (Allergies!) I know tissues are compostable, but a crock sounded too inconvenient (and yucky). After splurging one day on gourmet coffee, I found my solution -- paper coffee cups! I now keep a tall coffee cup on my desk into which I stuff my tissues (and orange/banana peels). At the end of the day, I bring it to the compost bin down the hall and dump it all out. No mess! Once it gets too yucky I can toss the whole cup into the compost container -- and then treat myself to another gourmet coffee!"

Susan English - Education