Art Research

May 2021 - May 2022

Cultivating Creative Talent Through Journaling
Beth Mateskon

Beth Mateskon will be developing a community project that encourages participants to release creativity and overcome "art scars" through journaling, drawing, collage, and other art practices. The project intends to remedy past deficits in individual creative experiences due to lack of resources in art education or lack of encouragement. In partnership with Dr. Wierich, Beth will be exploring the art historical context of participatory art and social sculpture. The readings include works and writings by leading artists in the field of social sculpture, including Joseph Beuys and Susan Lacy. One of the outcomes will be a better understanding of how creativity, contemporary art practices, and art education can stimulate creative growth.

Faculty Advisor: Jochen Wierich
Funded by: Aquinas College Summer Scholars Program

May 2020 - May 2021

Windy Hill Ceramics
Jamey Limbers

I have come across a property in Kent County that has a large amount of natural clay. I will be mining, refining, and using the clay to create a local clay body that can be thrown on a potters wheel or hand-built in to a vessel. The clay body will also be used as a glaze and a slip to decorate the ceramic pieces. I will also be considering the carbon foot print of an artist by using locally procured materials.

Faculty Advisor: Madeline Kaczmarczyk
Funded by: Aquinas College Summer Scholars Program