Every other Spring semester the Art Department offers a study abroad opportunity. Students can enroll in our 8-credit, intensive study abroad courses (with 4 credits in drawing and 4 credits in art history). We have taken students to Paris, Hamburg, Berlin, and London. 

AT382 Cityscape Drawing Abroad (4)

Introduction to visual thinking and process in art through a studio art experience in drawing, specifically as it applies to the art and architecture of a major art center in Europe. The structure of the course combines an eight week study period on the Aquinas campus during the 4th quad with a three week intensive study, travel, and drawing experience in Europe. Prerequisites: ART130, ART150, ART151, or instructor approval.

AT384 Art and Architecture Abroad (4)

An intensive seminar (quad format) in the art history of a region outside the United States that includes a travel abroad component (past courses have gone to Paris and London). Prerequisites: ART150, ART151, ART130.