Accelerated Masters of Arts in History

4 +1 Masters of Arts in History Aquinas College/Western Michigan University

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As stated in the Cooperative Agreement between Western Michigan University (WMU) and Aquinas College (AQ), Aquinas College students may be able to transfer six undergraduate credits (non-entry level) between AQ and WMU toward the WMU Master of Arts (MA) in History degree. 

Additionally, AQ students may also be able to apply three undergraduate credits by examination based on advanced level course work at AQ towards the WMU MA in history degree. 

Lastly, AQ students may be able to apply three more undergraduate credits by successfully completing a 5000-level history course at WMU. 

Combined, AQ students may acquire a maximum of 12 credits that can be applied toward a master's degree from Western Michigan University 

Students applying to this program are eligible for a WMU application fee and GRE waiver. Students who wish to apply for funding consideration as full-time MA students following the completion of the 4+1 program will need to submit GRE scores to WMU. 

1.) Six credits can be transferred to WMU from AQ with the successful 

completion of any combination of the following courses with a grade of B or better from AQ with the following proviso attached: "All courses accepted for credit from Aquinas toward the 4+1 must require a research paper using primary sources." 

  • History 401 Senior Research Seminar (If History 401 is taken a second time with a different topic, both History 401 courses may be counted toward the 6 hours of transferable credit.) 
  • History 211 Colonial America 
  • History 212 Early American Republic 
  • History 213 Civil War 
  • History 214 Gilded Age and Progressive Era 
  • History 316 Variable Topics on War 
  • History 322 Modern Germany 
  • History 381 British History 1 
  • History 382 British History 2 

2.) Credit by examination: a maximum of three credit hours based on the 

evaluation of the final writing projects for AQ History 357 Historiography may be applied toward the WMU MA in History. The WMU Department of History Faculty will determine the basis for evaluation and the awarding of credit. The course must require a research paper using primary sources. History 357 would not replace taking WMU History 6010 in order to complete a Master of Arts degree at WMU. 

3.) An Aquinas undergraduate student in the 4+1 program could also take a 5000- 

level history course at WMU to count for an addition three credits toward the WMU M.A. in History.