Accounting majors become accountants. Nursing majors become nurses. Computer Systems Information majors become computer technicians. History majors become...what? Anything they want! It's true that students graduating with a history major seldom go on to become professional historians, although an unusually high number of Aquinas graduates have done just that. Instead a history major gives graduates the content knowledge and skills to successfully interpret and analyze the world around them.

Common career paths for history graduates include work as educators, researchers, communicators (writers and editors), information managers, advocates (legal and political professions), and business owners (see American Historical Association Careers for History Majors website). A degree in history from Aquinas College ensures that graduates have attained a level of reading comprehension, facility in written and oral communication, research skills, and analytical thinking to succeed in any of these career paths and more. These transferable skills enable our graduates to find satisfying work in a wide variety of fields. Studying history also contributes to the resilience and adaptability needed to flourish in a rapidly changing economy.

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Where are they now? Recent and Current Positions Held by Aquinas History Graduates

  • Museum work
  • Gallery owner
  • Media library and post production studio manager
  • Business managers
  • Lawyers
  • Law clerk
  • Reference and instruction librarian
  • Officers in the military
  • GIS analysts
  • Staff member for Senator Debbie Stabenow
  • Learning Center Coordinator for Michigan Supreme Court
  • Pastoral associate (St. Pius X Church)
  • Newspaper editor (Ionia Sentinel-Standard)
  • Sports writer for MLive
  • Editorial fellow for Pacific Historical Review
  • Musician and producer
  • Technical writer (Smiths Aerospace)
  • Soccer coach (Embry Riddle Aeronautical University)
  • Collections intern at Harvard’s Semitic Museum
  • Museum specialist for Boston National Historical Park
  • Museum specialist for Yellowstone National Park
  • Membership Manager at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History Foundation in Albuquerque
  • Tour guide for Know Your City Portland, Oregon
  • Grad school (both masters and PhD programs)
  • Law school
  • History professors (including Loras College, University of Alabama, and Texas Tech University)
  • High school teachers
  • ESL teachers

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