AQ High School Model United Nations


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Agenda Topics 2020 AQ HSMUN:


AQMUN 2020 Delegate Table

Location and Logistics:

  • JLH and Donnelly Center
  • Friday, April 17 - Saturday, April 18
  • Four Security Council Simulations
  • Agenda Topics from the actual UN Security Council
  • Emergency Crisis Situation simulation

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellation after March 27 - about three weeks prior to the start of the conference (April 17) - will still incur the charge of $25 fee per student.

Aquinas College has a long and successful history of participation in Model United Nations Conferences (MUN).  It has been our philosophy to create opportunities for the highest level of participation in, and analysis of, the United Nations for Aquinas College students.  This includes:

  • Annual participation in a national conference since 1998;
  • Program open to all students for course credit;
  • Emphasis on the practice of all skills of diplomacy, including negotiation, role-playing, public speaking, listening, understanding, compromise, and problem solving;
  • Emphasis on understanding the history, philosophy, mechanics, and structure of the United Nations;
  • Emphasis on specific knowledge of country representation including history, policy and participation in international organizations;
  • Analysis relative to the distribution of benefit and power of the items above.

Because of the emphasis on providing the best participatory opportunities for AQ students, we previously declined to host a High School MUN conference many times.  However, in the Fall of 2014 we were approached by Forest Hills Northern High School to help host a conference with the purpose of providing one more experience for high school participants. After careful deliberation and discussion with a variety of AQ constituencies (students, administration, Admissions Office, college conferencing, etc.), the decision to host was made.  The Inaugural AQMUN Conference in March 2015 was quite a success, and therefore, the Political Science Department, Admissions Office, and the College are proud to offer our 4th Annual AQ High School Model United Nations Conference of Spring 2018.


  1. To further contribute to the education of crucial global issues;
  2. To produce a professional atmosphere for the preparation of future leaders;
  3. To provide an introduction to the complexities relative to solving the problems of the human condition;
  4. To present a simulation for understanding the mechanics and difficulties of the United Nations as accurately as possible;
  5. To understand the specific policies of the country represented;
  6. To provide an excellent experience in practicing all of the tools of diplomacy including:
    • Negotiation;
    • Problem solving;
    • Collaboration;
    • Compromise;
    • Cross-cultural understanding;
    • Professionalism;
    • Leadership;
  7. To prepare high school students for collegiate simulations and global citizenship;
  8. To present the opportunity for networking among other peers and professionals;
  9. To provide a forum for empowerment and confidence building;
  10. For all of us to have some fun!