Western Michigan University Department of Political Science 4+1 Program with Aquinas College Department of Political Science

Aquinas College students may transfer up to six credits earned at Aquinas College toward a master's degree in Political Science at Western Michigan University as part of our 4+1program. WMU will accept six transfer credits (two courses) from the following group of courses taken at Aquinas College: PS 350 Methods and Inquiry in Political Science, PS 387 International Relations, and PS 388 American Foreign Policy. For credits to apply toward the M.A. at WMU, a grade of B+ or higher must be obtained in each course.

Aquinas College students may also obtain from WMU a maximum of three graduate credits with credit by examination based on their capstone project at Aquinas. To receive up to three credits at WMU as PSCI 7100 (Independent Research), students from Aquinas College will be required to submit their final writing projects from a senior capstone project course (PS 400) for evaluation by the WMU Department of Political Science faculty. The work will be graded credit or no credit. Credit will be posted on the transcript as "credit earned by examination" without letter grade or honor points. Examination fees are assessed on a credit hour basis and are the same for all students.